Hi everyone, my name is Taylor! I am a doctor. I am a licensed Physical Therapist, so I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I graduated from my university in 2008. I started my PT career at a rehabilitation hospital in Adelaide.

This opportunity was a great place to learn about EVERYTHING. You name it, we saw it! Even though, working weekends and holidays was not my favorite thing to do,I still have the shift anyway.

Before PT school, believe it or not, I began a very different career. I graduated with Interior Design degree at first. At the university I played basket ball, and we went to the tournament for a couple of times while I was there. I had many injuries through out my basket ball career, and I had PT several different times. Not every treatment was really good, some of it was really bad. Thus, I always wanted to become a PT in the back of my mind. I decided it was time to give this PT thing another look, after several years of working at as an Interior Designer.

I love design but I love it more as a hobby. Thus, I love to share my design works in blogs and writings than make it commercial. I still write for home décor and DIY tips and tricks. This way, I can balance my life. I still can do sports, helping people as a PT and write about home décor in my free time. Pretty cool right? I am grateful of it.